Kythera Servo Drives

Empower your robots with simple, powerful and versatile actuators

About Us

Kythera aims at facilitating the development of advanced mechatronic systems at a competitive cost.

We strongly believe that the physical development of robots is limited by the available actuation solutions on the market. Robots and automated equipments are complex machine whose ability strongly rely on their motion properties. Motion control is a highly complex field which drags out the development of a new systems. Nevertheless creating motion in a system should be much simpler, faster and accessible. We specialized in that.

Get to know us and enter the world of lean robotics.


The Team


Lucas Soubeyrand
"Technology and innovation enthousisast, he aims at discovering, developping and creating the manufacturing/robotics solutions of tomorrow. With several years of experience in electronics industrialization, Lucas leads the mechanical and electronical developments of the company. If he goes missing, you'll always find him knocking something up somewhere in a fablab."


Arnaud Lebeugle
"With over 10 years of experience in human ressources, Arnaud completes the technical team with tactical and transverse skills related to business management. CRM, market analysis, finance and fundings nothing eludes him."


Guillaume Giraud
"With over 15 years of experience in software development Guillaume has endured highly complex project and teams management. With a full stack understanding. Almost as wises (and old) as Merlin, Guillaume brings wisdom and astutness to the team."

Maxime Nouaille
"With a formal engineering training, and strong experiences in aeronautics test software, Max is our expert in cross-area development, continuous integration and quality control. Get Smart !"

Our products and services

Advanced Servomotors

Kythera offers a highly integrated, high performance servo-motor specifically designed to ease-up the mechatronical design of your robots.

Motion Control Expertise

We specialize in system regulation and control architecture to create performing robots especially in dynamics application.

Machine Integration

Kythera developped an avant-guardist philosophy of robots and automation design based on lean actuation concepts. It enables competitive performance-to-cost ratio in our machines.

The product is currently under development. We are looking for partners and prospects to test our solutions. Our service offers for motion control expertize and robotic integration are already active. Feel free to reach any-time !

Our Applications

The Kythera drives are designed for many robotics and automation use-cases. Check them out!

Light Industrial Automation

Special equipments and light production machines.

Service Robotics

Agriculture, health care, construction, home assistance ...

Anthropomorphic and Legged robots

Bipeds and quadrupped compatible with a low mechanical impedance